Success Stories

Dreams do come true
When we started talking to people about their reasons for wanting an electric car, a common thread emerged: dreams. It seems that most people who get an electric car dream of something better. These dreams range from Andrea's owning a Land Rover and making the world a better place, to Bill's and Larry's dream of a future less reliant on oil. Ask us how an electric car can be part of your dream too.
Andrea Schlanger
VP Marketing Electric Blue Motors
1962 Land Rover Series II

"In the '60s, when I was just a girl, there was a TV show called Daktari about a veterinarian who drove around Africa in his Land Rover saving animals. Ever since then, I have always taken in sick animals and I wanted a Land Rover. I got my first Land Rover, a Matchbox car, when I was about 7. Now, I have an electric one and I use it for hauling my dogs and getting feed for my other animals."

"The Rover is a completely fearless car. It has 4 wheel drive and will go through all the mud and snow we have around here. We have rescued many gas powered cars that got stuck. The Rover as an electric car is far better than it ever was as a gas car. It accelerates really fast and goes really fast. With the gas engine it was a real slug. And, best of all I can charge it from my solar panels."

Technical info on the 1962 Rover:
Converted: December 2007
Motor: ADC 9 inch
Batteries: 12 Deka Dominator gels 100AH
Controller: Curtis 1231C-8601
Range: 25 Miles
Weight: 2900 Lbs
Body: aluminum
Steering wheel: on the right
Wheelbase: 88 inches

Special Equipment: 4 wheel drive, military tires, XM Radio, ceiling console with light, compass and digital thermometer.

Bill Schlanger
VP Technology Development Electric Blue Motors
1992 Geo Metro Convertible

"This is the second electric car I converted. My first started out on a lark and became a quest. Just after I got my first car (an 84 Chevy Sprint) running really well, I saw Who Killed The Electric Car. I was so angry about people having no choice but to be dependent on oil and the bad choices that they get forced into that I started Electric Blue. I was also angry about executives in big car companies lying about electric cars not being possible or practical when I had one in my garage that I drove every day!

It became my dream to give people a better choice and escape oil."

"I had lunch with a friend who said your car is really cool and works well, but you need something with more appeal. So, I set out to find a car I could afford and came across this Geo Metro convertible in great shape. The engineers at Electric Blue took what I had done in my first car and refined it a lot. The result was a car that looks great, runs great, is a lot of fun and has completely liberated me from oil."

"I have had the Metro for about a year and a half and have driven past a lot of gas stations since then. Between my wife, Andrea, and me, we have reduced our gas consumption by 80%. Every time I drive with my daughter and we pass a gas station, I point and say - look at how much people are paying for gas! With electricity, I can run 40 miles on about a buck of electricity."

Technical info on the 1992 Geo Metro:
Converted: December 2007
Motor: D&D 6.7 inch
Batteries: 12 Deka Dominator gels 100AH
Controller: Curtis 1231C-8601
Charger: Zivan NG3
Range: 45 Miles
Weight: 2400 Lbs

Yuan Dao and Jennifer Wenren
Owners, Elite Power Systems, Phoenix, Arizona
1997 Mazda Miata Convertible

Yuan and Jennifer own Elite Power Systems, the US distributor for Thundersky Lithium batteries. They dreamt of a practical, affordable electric car that would go well over 100 miles. We teamed up with them to create this dream car.

This Miata is by far our range champion. We have driven it from Flagstaff to Phoenix twice, each trip 140 miles or more. It is equipped with 44 ThunderSky 200AH cells, an Elite Power 30A Charger and a BMS from Elite. Every day, Yuan drives his Miata from home in Happy Valley to work in Chandler, a 52 mile trip each way. This car has very good on-road performance with a top speed of well in excess of the 75 MPH speed limit in Arizona.

Their Miata has been featured on the EV world website: 

Technical info on the 1997 Mazda Miata:
Converted: December 2008
Motor: ADC 9 inch
Batteries: 44 ThunderSky 200 AH
Controller: Curtis 1231C-8601
Charger: Elite 30A 120/240V input
Range: 120+ Miles
Weight: 3000 Lbs

Larry B.
Respected Energy Advisor, Sedona, AZ
1965 Shelby Cobra

Larry's dream is to have an eye catching car that will help him show people that electric cars are practical and fun. Larry has been an advisor to the Federal Government on energy policy for many years. He has come away from that experience convinced that oil is just a bad deal all the way around and electric cars are the answer. The Cobra is proof that a great electric car can be made affordably with technology we have available today.

To prove the point, he had us make a Shelby Cobra kit from the ground up as an electric. This is a very special, very fast car. It has two motors and two battery systems. One is used for around town driving, and is powered by a lithium polymer battery. The other is used for acceleration only and is powered by a small lead-acid pack of racing starter batteries. The acceleration motor is activated by a switch under the accelerator pedal. When he floors the pedal, the switch closes and the second motor is activated. The racing starter batteries can deliver about 1200A for 10-15 seconds.

Larry gives generously of his time for energy awareness causes in and around his home town of Sedona Arizona. You will see Larry's car at Earth Day, the Flagstaff Sustainable Living Fair, the Sedona Fourth of July Parade, and many others. He is also active in the Flagstaff Chapter of the Electric Auto Association. He has a solar home which is featured on many of the solar home tours and other sustainability events. The electric car with its zero emissions footprint fits very nicely with Larry's sustainable lifestyle.

Technical info on the Cobra
Converted: November 2008
Motor: ADC 9 inch (2)
Batteries: 144V Li Poly 100 AH, 144V Braille racing batteries
Controller: Curtis 1231C-8601
Weight: 2100 Lbs

Barkley Coggin
Excavation Contractor
Former President of Flagstaff EAA, Flagstaff, AZ
Dashboard Computer

Barkley is a visionary with a mission. His dream is to see more electric cars on the road and to help the people who own them. In 2007, he founded the Flagstaff Chapter of the EAA to do just that. Since that time, he has encouraged and helped several people get into electric cars.

Barkley owns a converted Chevy S-10 that he bought at an auction a few years back. Since then, he has maintained and improved it. One of the improvements he made is adding our dashboard computer, shown in the picture with a DVD player. With the dashboard computer, he is able to monitor the critical parameters of his truck electrical system including how much charge is left in his batteries.

The electric S-10 meets most of Barkley's transportation needs. The range he gets is enough to get from his home 8 miles out of town, into town to run errands and back. Barkley has a grid tied solar installation at his house. Even with charging his electric truck, he has a surplus of power that is sold back to the electric company. The net result is he drives his truck with free fuel !

Jason H
Creative director for Hollywood Post Production Company
2007 Chevy Aveo

Jason started out being green years ago. He rode his bike to work and did all the other responsible things a person does who is concerned about their carbon footprint (solar panels, energy audits, CFLs etc). When the company he worked for moved and he could no longer ride his bike, he knew a change was on it.s way. He wasn't sure what it was, but he knew he didn't want it to involve gas. Then he watched .Who killed the Electric Car.. That went against the core of his green soul. He also knew there were other options than the crushed EVs. Electric cars were available and could go on the freeways where his bike could not.

Ever creative, Jason went to the Chevy Dealer and got an Aveo Badge. He then cut the E and V out of it and voilą the Aveo EV was born!