Conversion Services

Would you like to join the green car revolution? Are you concerned about global warming? Would you like to leave a cleaner planet for your children? Are you angry about supporting people who hate us with the money you give them at the gas pump? Would you like to be free forever from the hassle of buying gas? Would you like to power your car with pollution free solar power? Would you like to save money on your transportation? An electric car can do all of this for you. You don't have to wait for some big company in a foreign country to do this in 5 years. Electric Blue Motors is making electric cars that are available now.
We start with a regular gas powered car, remove all the gas power components (engine, gas tank, exhaust, etc.), and replace them with batteries, control electronics and an electric motor. The result is a car that will take you where you want to go quietly, without emissions of any kind and you can charge it anywhere there is an ordinary 120V electric outlet. Many times the converted car actually has better performance (except for range) than the original. The driving cost per mile is usually a quarter or less than the original model as well. In addition, all the conveniences like power brakes, air conditioning and heating are available in the cars we make. These cars are not golf carts! They go freeway speed and hold their own nicely in traffic.
There are an incredible number of choices of electric cars we can make for you. Whether your preference runs from a small economy car to a sports car, pickup truck or 4 wheel drive, we can make it for you. Please see our success stories page for some examples of cars we have made that people drive every day.
Electric Blue Motors is affiliated with Connect Tech International ( an electronics manufacturer that has been in business for 15 years. We have an expert staff of engineers and technicians with decades of combined experience. A great deal of engineering goes into each conversion. We design the drive train components for each car with a computer aided design (CAD) system and have them CNC machined, thus giving very accurate and repeatable results. Many of the electronic and other components are of our own design.
There are many things to consider for a conversion. In principle, any car can be converted to electric, but some are much better than others. Generally, cars less than 3000 pounds are the best choice. The energy to move the car comes from the batteries. If you add more batteries to move more mass, you can rapidly get to the point where you spend too much energy moving the batteries. This is why an '87 Geo Metro is a better conversion choice than an '87 Cadillac Eldorado. Also, a new car is frequently a better choice than a used car. Most used cars have things that need to be fixed or restored, and these repairs can easily cost as much as an inexpensive new car! A car converted to electric can easily last a million miles, so it is important to pick a car you would like to drive for a long time.
Another important choice is what type of batteries to use. The type of batteries used will determine the range. We have converted cars using lead acid batteries and various Lithium types. The lead acid batteries usually get between 40 and 60 miles on a charge. The lithium batteries can get up to 150 miles per charge or more. Please see the success stories page for examples. You can also upgrade to higher performance batteries should your needs change.
Conversions start at about $13,000 for cars and about $16,000 for small trucks. The base price conversions usually use golf car batteries for lowest price. Gelled electrolyte lead acid batteries add about $2000-$5000 to the price, but they extend the range by about 20%, are more tolerant to discharge, and are sealed which eliminates service of any kind. Lithium batteries add $5000-$12000 and give range over 100 miles and life of up to 10 years.
Charging an electric car is easy and simple. All you need is a regular 120V outlet. You plug in at night and by morning your car is charged. You can "top off" the charge in your batteries at any time and get the full range back. For example, if your car has a 60 mile range and you work 20 miles from home, you can plug in at work and by the time you go back home, you have the full 60 miles back! The charging is inexpensive too. Most of our cars only require 10KWh of power to run 40 miles. In Arizona, the night rate (between 9 PM and 9 AM) is only $0.03 per KWh. That is only $0.30 per charge! You can also charge your car from any source of electricity, such as solar or wind power.