Blue Heat -- Heater with pump

Are you driving your EV with a coat on? Lose the coat and be warm with BLUE HEAT!

BLUE HEAT warms water which is circulated by a pump through the existing heater core in your EV.s dashboard. This lets you use all the existing climate controls in your car for a seamless factory look and feel.

BLUE HEAT has a powerful 1500W heating element to warm your EV quick! By using our BluE FlAsh AC Power Source (pictured at right), you can be assured that the heating element will get the proper voltage from the batteries from full charge to empty. Not only will this add to the life of the heating element, it will increase your range.

Installing BLUE HEAT is easy. It is very small, light weight, uses standard hoses, and can be mounted anywhere. The package includes the BLUE HEAT heating element, a circulating pump, and a control relay. Hoses to connect to the heater core are available from your local auto parts store.

$375 Out of stock Data sheet Manual

Special Blue Heat + Blue Flash 120 Inverter combo: $749 Out of stock