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Welcome to Electric Blue Motors

We engineer and manufacture the components at the heart of electric car conversions. That inside knowledge has also given us the ability to convert almost any kind of gas-powered vehicle to electric. What's more, our engineering skills have created efficiencies that allow us to offer our products and services at remarkably affordable prices.

What's New at Electric Blue:

Our Newest Conversion

We have been working with Island Green Motors to develop a small electric SUV for the Caribbean island of Nevis where they call home. The car is manufactured by Jonway of China. We installed all electric components including an AC drive system with regenerative braking, an interchangeable 108V 160AH lithium battery pack, our Cool Blue air conditioner, Blue Flash inverter, Blue View Battery Management System, power steering, power brakes, and an enhanced entertainment system with DVD player.

The drive system has a 40 HP 108V motor. This motor provides performance equal to the original 1.6l gas engine that was originally in the car. It features regenerative braking to capture energy from deceleration and put it back into the battery. This also gives the car a driving experience similar to a gas car in that when you let off the accelerator, the car slows down. We kept the original 5 speed manual transmission to enable the driver to choose whether to drive for performance or economy. While the car will likely never reach 75 miles per hour on Nevis, it can easily go that fast.

We developed a state-of-the-art battery pack for this car. This battery pack features 34 160AH LiPO4 batteries which generate 108V. The battery balancers and BMS pods are attached to the individual cells. Changing the pack is easy, only taking 15 minutes. Simply remove 8 screws, unplug the power cable and unplug a data cable and the pack is out of the car. The battery charger is located off board and can charge the batteries in 4-5 hours.

Island Green Motors wanted a car that is fully equipped. We put in all the extras, air conditioning (using our Cool Blue air conditioner and Blue Flash inverter), power steering and power brakes. These extras make the car drive just as if it were powered with gas. As a bonus, the air conditioner can run even when the car is stopped. The Blue Flash inverter has 2KW capacity and can also be used to power other things like power tools or lights.

The Blue View computer system provides a display that shows both the overall status of the battery pack and details of each individual cell. The overall display shows the voltage, current and state of charge (gas gauge). It also shows the average cell voltage and temperature. By pressing a button, the display switches to a detail screen with a list of the cell voltages and temperatures. The Blue View computer has a standard composite video output which is compatible with a standard video monitor. The DVD player has a video input which is normally used for a backup camera, but we use it for the Blue View video. In addition, the DVD player will play CDs and it has a AM/FM tuner. For more information about Island Green Motors, please visit their website: greenislandmotors.com

New Products

96V Blue Flash

Many people have asked us for a version of our Blue Flash inverter that runs on lower battery voltage. Here it is! This version has the same specifications as our 120V and 240V Blue Flash inverters but with the lower input voltage.

Blue Turn Power Steering Pump

The Blue Turn power steering pump runs the power steering in your car just like the original factory part! This pump is quiet and small and runs on 12V. The kit includes the pump, mounting brackets, screws, relay and hose.

Blue Vac Power Brake Vacuum Pump
If you want a pump that sucks, here it is! Seriously, this design has really good suction. A vacuum pump is used in an electric car to supply the vacuum for the brakes power assist that would otherwise come from the gas engine. The vacuum pumps we had been using worked OK but ran all the time at our high altitude and we had to put a reservoir in the system. This pump only runs for a moment when the brake pedal is released.